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4275 County Road 22

Waterloo, IN  46793


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Walker Farms has been a provider of large square bales of straw to locations throughout the midwest. We bale 4’x4’x8’ bales of wheat straw using Hesston balers. With the capability to store nearly 3000 bales under roof and even more under tarp, we can provide dry quality straw when needed. Custom baling is also a service we provide. In the past, we have baled straw as far away as Kentucky and Tennessee. The ability to operate and move equipment across state lines has enabled us to expand the baling operation and provide services when shipping straw is impractical. Bales generally weigh 1000-1200 lbs and get delivered in truckloads of 28-35 bales.

Straw Baling

Markets that we have delivered to:

**Straw is usually contracted pre-season and can be delivered or picked up directly from the field at a discount to storage.