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4275 County Road 22

Waterloo, IN  46793


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Walker Farms GP is a modern agricultural producer focused on sustainability. We are located in Northeast Indiana and specialize in growing corn, soybeans, and wheat. We custom bale large square bales of straw and are a dealer for Beck’s Superior Hybrids.

A Multi-Generation Family Business

About Walker Farms GP

The Team


Rory Walker

Diana Walker

Jacob Walker

Full Time Employees

Brad Schiek

Karl Shutt

Todd Dale

Robert McAlhany

And a special thanks to the part time employees that help us out when things get busy!

What we do:

Where we came from and where we are going:

Marvin and Phyllis Walker Founded the farm in Waterloo, IN. The operation has continued to maintain the commitment to profitability, foresight, and high level of reputation within the family business. Today, Walker Farms is a competitive agricultural producer and we look forward to opportunities to further our base in the agricultural industry. We realize change is inherent in agriculture and that the pace of change is faster than ever before. We must be able to adapt faster to be successful and keep a competitive advantage. Our employees not only help us to stay focused, but continue to push us to the leading edge.

How we are going to get there:

Walker Farms’ philosophy is to be profitable through intense and efficient management, highly qualified employees, utilizing the latest available technology, and managing risk. We also place high priority on building lasting relationships with reputable people, maintaining a quality land base, and controlled expansion, while maintaining stewardship to the environment that supports the industry in which we thrive. While many farms today will not be fortunate enough to transition to the next generation, our succession plan will allow Walker Farms to have the potential to be successful into future generations.