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4275 County Road 22

Waterloo, IN  46793


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Partnering with Walker Farms

Potential Landowners

Walker Farms is currently seeking outside investors who are interested in owning productive farmland. Our position in the ag industry oftentimes presents opportunities to purchase farmland that may not get offered publicly.

Our goal is to create long term relationships with investors to create an attractive return on investment for both parties. We enjoy improving recently acquired land as well as maintaining it to increase its value and productivity.

We are always looking for large, productive parcels of land to rent, purchase and/or manage. In today’s fast changing agricultural environment, we believe that all of our partners should make a good living and returns on their investments. Competitive cash rents is only a small portion of what we can provide a landlord.

Services and advantages that we can provide:


Land Maintenance

The Environment


Experience and Security

Please contact us for more information.