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Beck’s Superior Hybrids

There are many new and exciting things happening throughout the seed industry. Selection, options, and complexity are continuing to become a larger part of the seed process. Beck’s continues to offer customers choices, selection, and competitive pricing.

Walker Farms has been a Beck’s seed dealer since 2004. We feel that our operation has benefited from our relationship with Beck’s by way of great products and excellent customer service. They have made their research useful to each and every farm through their annual Practical Farm Research.

We appreciate the fact that Beck’s is a family owned, regional business that is committed to providing not only the best genetics, but a variety of choices for their customers by way of traits, varieties, and genetics.

The services provided by Beck’s have been unsurpassed and we enjoy working with not only a quality company, but some of the most knowledgeable and friendly people in the industry.

Decisions regarding seed purchases affect everything else we do throughout the year and are getting more and more complicated. Variety selection, placement, delivery and pickup, 100% replant, and access to agronomy information are all ways we feel we can give our customers a competitive advantage when selecting seed.

Contact Jacob Walker with any questions regarding purchasing seed.


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